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We Day Youth Summit

April 21, 2016

  ​Last Saturday, The SoLeaders got a chance to attend WE Day’s Youth Summit. The whole summit was geared towards social change, so they had motivational speakers, founders of nonprofit organizations, and entrepreneurs come and speak to the scholars. The nonprofits were DIFFERbilities Experience and Simon Says Give. Both gave very inspiring stories and ones you should check out. 


After the first half of The Summit, the scholars went to what they called Home Rooms. This is where everyone got acquainted and, soon after, dove into activities that showed the demographic of the Globe and its statistics for resources, money, health care, food, and population. Afterwards, questions were asked as to how the statistics could be changed for the better. I personally believe that is what The Summit was about - youth taking charge and making a change. 


The scholars were then able to sign up for workshops that would help them in the endeavor of change. The workshops were Public Speaking/Storytelling, Digital Citizenship, and Art and Activism.


Public Speaking/Storytelling students had a chance to work on the power of storytelling. They wrote six-word stories that said a lot for only 6 words. Digital Citizenship focused on the productive use of the Internet, specifically social media and how such resources can be used for social change. Arts and Activism tapped into the artistic aspects of social change, its ability to inspire, to change views, and to challenge the injustices of the world. After students were done with their workshops they went back to their Home Rooms and shared their ideas for change, as well as created their very own S.M.A.R.T Goals for the thing they wanted to change.


The WE Day Summit was a platform for the scholars and SoLeaders as well. It gave motivation, inspiration, and pride, leaving all feeling charged for change.


We will see all WE Dayers At WE Day September 2016!!



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