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African American Fashion Show: Henry High School

March 21, 2017

​On February 23, North Minneapolis’ Henry High School held an African American Fashion Show. The show was filled with boys and girls who wore a series of African American clothing. Beginning in the early 1900s and ending with present-day African American wear, the models strutted down the high school’s auditorium isles. The audience watched as the teenagers showed off their clothing, applauding each person as they confidently worked the runway. 


Between displaying the fashion of the different eras, students performed  varying expressions of art. Whether it was spoken word, a dance, a song, or a comedic joke, multiple people shared a part of their talent. All of the acts were related to black history with a girl singing “Stand by me,” by Ben E. King, a group of girls performing an African dance, and spoken word expressed about the injustices in the present African American community. 


After the show, I was able to speak with the participants of the show. When I asked one of the girls why she participated, she responded, “I really love fashion and I love doing productive and positive things with my time.” 


Another girl replied, “I just really love fashion, so any time I get to show it off, I’m down.” With excitement and a smile, she expressed her passion for fashion and how grateful she was to be part of a different cultural based fashion show. 


The audience also expressed excitement as they cheered on the models. “Work it, girl!” was shouted more than a few times, and they applauded every model. Afterwards, when I interviewed one of the audience members she said her favorite part about the whole show was “getting to see the different eras and how each person expressed that era.” 

The African American Fashion Show that Henry High school presented to us gave a piece of the world a new perspective. They showcased multiple styles with a cultural twist, giving the audience something new and exciting with each fit.  



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