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Let's Be Real Experience

​Being that I am a female senior in high school, the Let’s Be Real event was encouraging. Though I’ve been to other events that involve empowering young-girls, the Let’s Be Real event differed from those. The women speakers were more interested in having a conversation whereas the other events, the women were talking at me and it felt like a lecture. Because these women and I also shared similar backgrounds, it was much easier to connect with them.

Chenelle and Ms. Q-Johnson were the women that I got the opportunity to communicate with. Chenelle was interested in conversing with us girls rather than lecturing us with how to become who she is. Instead, she gave us wise words to help us navigate our own path to success. Chenelle talked about her experience growing up in Chicago and other obstacles she faced. Listening to Chenelle’s story and asking her questions has encouraged me to look deeper into my future and the specifics of where I want to go.

Ms. Q-Johnson talked to us through Skype and the phone, and her words inspired me. Ms. Q talked about her experience while she was my age, 17. Her background revealed that she had a lot of obstacles, dealing with being neglected, drug dealing, and being on the streets are some things that she identifies with that I cannot, but I can identify with real-life hardships. Knowing that Ms. Q comes from the same place as I do and understands the conflicts outside, and deeper than, academics was reassuring. Ms. Q is now trying to better herself by taking her rough experience and using it to motivate herself further.

Because of this experience, I aspire to start my own business in the future. Chenelle and Ms. Q-Johnson both shared their stories for the betterment of us girls. I appreciate that they not only took time out of their busy lives to talk with us, but they also shared important things that inspired me. I am glad I went to the Let’s Be Real event, and am thankful for everyone that was part of it. It was a great experience and one much appreciated.

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